Sara Coster has developed Conversation starter games per family type


These conversation starter games have been specifically developed for intended parents to get to know each other better and to help them discuss various topics. You will learn more about each other’s and your own expectations, and beliefs surrounding this family type. The game format is also useful to help improve communications between you.

The game is available for donor conception, intentional co-parenting and surrogacy.

Sara Coster has been working as a coach/counselor since 2009 and is specialized in the field of diversity in family types. She is an experienced parent in a multi-parent family and wrote an inspiring book on this subject. She is a board member of Meer dan Gewenst (the Dutch foundation for rainbow families), and is on the editorial board of the national information center for donor conception and for surrogacy.

The conversation starter games ‘Sara Coster asks’ come in 3 versions:

  • (Intentional) co-parenting

  • Donor conception

  • Surrogacy

De vraagkaartjes zijn verdeeld in 5 of 6 categorieën (afhankelijk van de versie)

  • About you

  • Light bite

  • Between you

  • Upbringing

  • Personal background

  • Contact/position

    (in the donor and surrogacy version)

Ordering the game

You can order the game for € 17,50 excluding shipping (€ 5,00 inside The Netherlands, for other countries please email Sara).
Please send an email to Sara Coster to receive a payment request.