More than 100 challenging questions about donor conception


  • Grab yourself a drink and get comfortable!
  • Take the card that says ’the child’ and place it on the table to keep in mind what this will be like for the child.
  • A player starts, selects a card, and reads the question out loud.
  • Take a moment to think about the question individually.
  • The person who took the card answers first, followed by the others one by one. Everyone gives an answer. You also have the option to pass if you’d rather skip the question.
  • You can then ask each other questions about the answers given.
  • Remember to make sure everyone gets a turn and pay attention to how the conversation is going. Is a particular player quieter than the others but do they want to say something? Pay attention to non-verbal cues.
  • Don’t think of the answers you give as binding. You don’t have to make any decisions during the game.
  • Only once everyone thinks they’ve exhausted the topic on the card you can put the card away. If you want to continue discussing a certain question later, put the card to the side.
  • Then it is the next person’s turn to pick a card and read it out loud.

Don’t do too many cards in one evening, remember where you left off and continue another time.

Switch up the categories a bit, see how that feels. Do you want a lighter card or one that covers a more in-depth subject?

If you consider a question to be unsuitable, try to think of something similar or skip the question.

Some of these rules also apply to other matters you will discuss with each other:
taking time out to think and making sure that everyone gets to have their say and the opportunity to respond to others. Don’t move on to the next topic until the previous topic has been covered by everyone.

Time to enjoy!

(The game is also available for planned co-parenting. The version for surrogacy will be ready in September)

The game/questions are not to be shared/copied and are and shall remain the intellectual property of Sara Coster.
No rights can be derived from this game.

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